Oxygene is focused on the development and application of diagnostic assays for human inherited and infectious diseases, using high-throughput sequencing technologies and bioinformatics. Furthermore, we provide customized bioinformatics solutions for scientific community and private companies, whose activities are focused on microbiology, genetics and genomics.

Innovative Entrepreneurs

Oxygene is a biotechnology company funded and supported by the Research and Innovation National Agency (ANII), through its instrument Innovative Entrepreneurs 2014.


Bovine neosporosis

Oxygene forma parte del consorcio de empresas e instituciones recientemente financiadas a trav├ęs del Fondo Sectorial de Sanidad Animal para el estudio de la Neosporosis bovina, una importante enfermedad reproductiva del ganado.


Uruguayan Genome

Uruguayan scientists at the Institut Pasteur in Montevideo lead the URUGENOMES project, focused on the analysis of Uruguayan population using high-thorughput genome sequencing.